A tunnel, a bone and a free roaming duck (Nature)

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about our participation in Baltimore County’s Nature Quest .  The parks in the quest are not actually very close to us because Baltimore County surrounds Baltimore city. We live in southwest.

Today we went to a park far to the east and it turned into an hour and a half white knuckle drive through bad traffic  on  elevated roadways and  through the Fort McHenry tunnel.  Having only been driving for a few years, I had only been on the elevated roads twice before and never through a tunnel as the driver.

I hated it.

The kids thought it was faboo.


Me: losing the circulation in my fingers and thinking…” breathe amanda breathe amanda”

Eventually we arrived at Marshy Point Nature Center.

This nature center kicks ass.

They have a free roaming duck with its own food bowls and baby pool.


They couldn’t get any cooler.

The children loved the different puppets and activities.





We had lunch at the picnic tables on the porch,


  Gluten free jammies…. *happy sigh* (sort of like fig newtons, same concept, cept jam in the middle and they are larger)

then set off to find the Nature Quest Marker.


While walking (I’m always the “sweeper” to make sure no-one is left behind) I found a weird bone. It was way too funky to take with us for identification at the center so I took a picture instead and am hoping they get back to me on just what it is.


Quite a few of these little guys were hoping around, they blend in with the trees well.


Plus I took a picture of a common wood nymph from about six feet away.

wood nymph

I would like to have taken a better shot, but I save my butterfly chasing for days I don’t have five children to look after.

Eventually, we found it!


Another marker for our Nature Quest trail passport, three more to go.

It was a great day, and though I took a different way home, a long trip back.



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