Hands on Science part 1 (Autism and Learning)

This is part five of a series on the hands on materials I use to teach my autistic sons (and the girls as well).

The last three book cases are our science shelves. Today will focus on the miscellaneous science bookcase with physical science, earth science, and human anatomy activities.


1. Layers of the Earth/Earth’s Crust cards and definition book


2. National Geographic Reader – Volcanoes

3. Parts of a Volcano Cards and definitions booklet


4. Types of Clouds and definitions booklet

(name, description,  position in the atmosphere and typical conditions it occurs)

5. Magnetism activity kit and Rookie Reader on Magnetism

6.  Weather Readers and more detailed book for the bigs


7. Our fossil collection




Its not so much a structured activity as it is our fossil collection. The children look at it at their leisure. I hope they make connections between it and our other learning (charts, books and videos ) about the age of the earth.  I need to expand our hands on materials for this science.

8. Planets and labels plus National Geographic Reader “Planets”


Patrick and Tessa refuse to handle the Sun, Mercury, or Venus without oven mitts.


9. Snap Circuits Jr.


Pete uses a diagram to put together a sound activated switch.  I talk to him about electricity and circuits while he makes these.  Again I hope he makes the connection between this and the video/books we cover concerning electricity. 

10.  Human anatomy charts for tracing

The book on top, this book :


contains the most detailed charts  I have ever laid eyes on. They are gorgeous and it only cost me ten U.S dollars.


Here Lily is tracing the muscles, bones, and nerves of the hand.


I recommend getting a set. If you want to avoid admitting that penises exist or mammary glands offend you, take the naughty bits charts out (glue on fig leaves? :P) either that or if you just want something more basic, try something like this:


This the back. The front is no longer attached. I bought this used for two dollars about 14 years ago. You can find inexpensive used charts on amazon.

11. Human anatomy/Health Books


Blood and Guts is pure gold for 4th grade and up.

12. Human anatomy puzzle  – two sided.



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