Look kids – Big Ben! How We Geography. (Autism and Learning)

This is part three of an ongoing series about teaching my autistic  sons using hands on/concrete/visual work as the backbone of our  learning. It may be useful to others who have an interest in teaching  autistic children. (parent or outside educator, or whatever)

Next up is Geography Shelf Work


1. Geopuzzles


World, U.S and Canada, Latin America (Mexico, Central, South America), Africa, Europe, Asia – pieces are the shapes of the countries, which leads to utterances I never thought I’d say.

“Where is Zaire??? Does someone have Zaire??  ZAIRE?!????  Oh, I’m sitting on it.”

And in reality, Zaire deserves to go- because its the Democratic Republic on the Congo these days- which brings me to the pain in the ass problem of maps changing.  I point it out, and I move on, and trust should my son who barely speaks take an interest in that country he’ll figure out the reasons for the name change. In the mean time, permanent marker fixes that.

2. Globes -Continent and Political


“Show me Europe.”  

3.  Animals indigenous to the continent to be placed on the specific puzzle once finished.

4. Landform Cards


When Pete is solid on the definitions, I will introduce cards with specific examples to be used with the map puzzles.


Lily checks her work with the control cards.

5. Landmarks


Right now Europe is out on the shelf. In a bit I’ll switch it out with a different continent. BTW – I am aware Big Ben is the name of the bell.

6. Continent Cards


7. Geography Atlases and Readers


I cannot speak more highly of the “rookie read about” readers. They convey a high amount of information in a first grade reading level in science, health, and geography.  Being slightly below where Pete is at reading level wise, they are perfect for stress free reading.  Tessa and Patrick also love the format.  (easily found used online)



Other ways we geography:

  • Listening to continent/culture  specific  music,
  • Reading storybooks that include locations
  • Geography songs




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