Hand Made Visual Math – The Shape Universe

I’ve decided to develop a strategy for teaching Set Theory (one of the few maths I like, fractal geometry is the only other)  in a visual way that my son and any autistic/visual child (regardless of speech ability) capable of sorting by size, shape, and color could learn.

The prototype, paper plates and hand drawn/marker colored shapes on index cards.



Eventually, I want to develop at least ten activity cards and expand it to include number and size and multiple questions introducing the basic set symbols and their concept (universal, intersection, subset, superset, union compliment, etc.).  A “universe” in set theory is essentially, all the info we are working with.

The paper plate rings did in  a pinch but some larger, thinner margin circles of preferably plastic would be better.  (glow necklaces that have lost their glow perhaps….hmm.) Wooden painted shapes would also be awesome.

Update: I found the rings I need on a school supply site. (nasco) They also have attribute blocks that would do, but i am toying with getting wood craft shapes and painting my own instead.


We played with intersection here. The littles and Pete found the “game” (“Who wants to play the shape universe game???”  “Me!! Me!!”) fascinating.




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