A Morning’s Work

What can you do in three hours time?

Well this morning,

Aidan Decided to read about Charles Darwin over breakfast and then,


Work on his zoology coloring book -he’s coloring a Hydra’s digestive parts


Complete a page of the graphic novel he’s writing


and read his Charles Dickens assignment.

“Are you stimming with a pump hose or reading or both?”


“Works for me then”

Peter chose to:


Do his summer job of watering the sweet potatoes


and then spend the rest of the morning on starfall’s subscription curriculum going between first and second grade work. It’s a departure from our structured work, but I don’t mind.

Miss Little Bee (busy, busy bee) chose


An hour of kahn academy



Human anatomy work skeletal puzzle/identifying major bones –  and tracing/labeling the brain.


And working on a story, poor bee has writers block.


And Tessa and Patrick chose:


Butterfly life cycle


Parts of a butterfly cards



and our insect/arachnids sorting specimens activity

I read them a book based on their work choices:


and then they took turns  working  on Reading and Math on the computer



Wrap it all up and its time for story/read aloud time (everyone save Aidan)


Pete calls it a morning and asks for lunch. (Pete has a severe language delay and talks almost entirely in either one or two word requests, or functional echolalia, but he writes to me in full sentences on his magnadoodle.


This year I’m asking him to add punctuation at the end.  Once he gets that as a habit i’ll fuss over capitalization.

Lunch is done, Aidan is doing his math and we are soon outa here for the rest of the day


3 thoughts on “A Morning’s Work

    • amandasmills says:

      I do help keep them on track, we have timers and a required amount of time for the work, the choice is in how to occupy that time within a set of specific options
      I think that makes it easier, – having freedom within structure.
      It’s harder when that structure isn’t there.
      My self study is on and off in fits and starts and unfinished endeavors. It’s better when i set a (realistic) goal, but not having anyone to keep me on schedule or hold me accountable makes it much more difficult.

      • h4rrish4wk says:

        I know the exact feeling. I need my gran to keep me on track for house cleaning because having her THERE as a person in the background with a set deadline that she arrives in and as someone who can both help keep me on task and be disappointed in me if I don’t manage… it helps for some reason.

        I just need the same kinda of thing to help with self study in many ways. Haven’t yet found someone who can hold me accountable properly and help me keep on task. I’m so terrible at setting my own schedules because I just cannot keep realistic expectations in mind.

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