Friday video. thoughts on the #boycottautismspeaks photo share



I am NOT saying the effort is a bad thing, or not worth it,

It’s not that we shouldn’t celebrate or be proud of achievements but, when we use achievements as a means of proofs of worth – we are defining worth based on our enemies definition. (yes. enemy.)

When we say “my life is not a tragedy because of this or that,”
automatically they can say, well plenty of people cannot do this or that so your experience doesn’t matter.
That manner of rebuttal/argument is often unintentionally agreeing to a definition of worth which is utter bullshit n the first place.
I wont play this game.


2 thoughts on “Friday video. thoughts on the #boycottautismspeaks photo share

  1. h4rrish4wk says:

    OMG YES – This is a really ugly part of humanity. That we keep trying to prove ourselves based on what someone else thinks is worthwhile rather than just being considered inherently worthwhile, because if we don’t so many others will just flat out refuse to give help to anyone unless they pass some secret checklist of being worth it. Or will deny someone’s right to be treated humanely unless they pass that checklist. And even if they DO things that are worthwhile it has meet a SPECIFIC checklist that is different for ever person you interact with. It’s so damn tiring.

    Also. You have a really nice voice. It’s very pleasant.

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