Wringing out Octopi, Plus Planned Isolation and bloodletting

Tuesday we went for a hike at the park. When I say “the park” I mean about 8 different possibilities.  Five have playgrounds. Three are only trails. Three are state parks, two are county parks, two are wilderness areas and the fourth is foundation owned.  Four have water, but only one of those parks is safe for swimming. Five are free, three cost two dollars a trip.   Depending on the weather, our time limits, and what we’d like to do, I pick the best spot for an hour of daily exercise and on the fly nature study.  So if I mention “the park” a great deal, its because we spend a great deal of time at those different places.

On the fly nature study, is going outside, seeing what you find, and then learning about it.

So Tuesday we went to Banneker Park and two of our finds were feathers



Later Tessa (5) insisted, we needed to “ catch an octopus so we can squeeze all its ink out into a jar so i can put the feather in it and write.”

I have had in my mind an image of myself standing over a bucket attempting to wring out an octopus.

Octopi and quill pens are forever linked in my mind.

I’d wring out the ink and put the flattened creatures on a line.

sort of like this:


img source npr

Thank god they sell pens at the store, what a grueling process that must be! 😉

What a cutie.

Tomorrow my ex is picking up the children and taking them for a week at a rented cottage on the beach in Virginia.  Sunbathing, tourist designed fishing expeditions, endless shops, cheap trinkets, sleepless nights from being in a new place, and overpriced dinners await them.

I hope they have fun.

I will be camping with a friend for a few days starting Sunday, also on the water, but a markedly different sort of beach.

My kinda beach.

I’m going here:


A nice isolated stretch of shoreline where I can write, read, paint, swim, and paddle for three days. Most of it is only reachable by kayak (i dont have a kayak, i’ll rent it)  I hear the mosquitoes are the size of wombats and out for some serious blood donations. We intend to try to ignore that.  I’ve never been there, but the wildness of the eastern shore has always interested me, so…I’m off out to go see it, bloodletting or no.

Internet with be spotty if not non-existent. I can see myself going looking for coffee and wifi at some point.

I know all twelve of my followers will simply despair at my absence.

Sorry about that.

I’ll leave you with a link to some great graphics from a Quora friend, with thoughts from my post on Autism and Tussock’s




One thought on “Wringing out Octopi, Plus Planned Isolation and bloodletting

  1. agrajag says:

    I hope you get a splendid vacation ! Sounds like my kinda beach too, minus the mosquitoes. Insects are fascinating, but I can do without the bloodsucking varieties.

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