Pain, Painting with Light, and Painted turtles

The best laid plans…
I had intended to post another journal entry but spent a good bit of the day with a headache.

They last for hours.

My first was in 1985.

I was ten. I thought for certain, I was dying.
I imagined the  pain was a bright red firey syrup, thick and corrosive, coating my brain.
My brother would rub my head, and tell me to imagine a waterfall.

I wish I could tell him I found one just like he described and the children and I play there.

We didn’t do much outside this week though.  It was quite hot, with “feels like” being around 100F and poor air quality.

Monday was muggy but beareble.

We went to the park.

Aidan did a lovely impression of a statue.tirepark2

Pete made animal prints in the sandbox.


We played five games of  hide and go seek.

We had fun in the afternoon and evening today as well.

It’s independence day here in the U.S.

Tradition since my divorce has been to buy sparklers for the kids, and if they are here on the day (we switch off) to watch fireworks from the back porch.


Little Bee circles


Patrick spins


Tessa Dance

Pete, with the aid of his noise cancelling headphones joined us to watch fireworks, and watched with interest as I lit the sparklers  but didn’t want a sparkler.  He seemed to having a good time though.

Earlier in the evening he made some art 🙂


“thats good art”



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